Ending the Need for Dangerous Vaccinations

I just recently finished my three part series on evolution and was wondering about some practical uses for the theory. That’s when it struck me that measles was making a comeback due to people opting out of vaccinating their children for fear that the inoculation could be dangerous. Here is a proposal for solving all our problems.

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Intersectionality and Equity for Abortion Rights: A Modest Proposal

Alabama House Bill 314 aka Human Life Protection Act, and colloquially known as the Heartbeat Bill or abortion ban, has stirred up a lot of controversy since it passed in May of 2019. Abortion is possibly the most divisive issue in the modern U.S. – maybe surpassed only by immigration, which the right sees as preserving our culture and the left sees as racism. What if I were to tell you that both of these issues could be easily solved?

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