Nutrition and Metabolism

This series of videos goes in-depth into the biochemistry and physiology of nutrition and metabolism. Starting with a quick primer on the general chemistry concepts needed to understand the basics of biochemistry and metabolism, I then go on to introduce all the key players involved – the macronutrients (carbohydrates, lipids and fats, amino acids and protein, and then nucleic acids and DNA) and micronutrients. After going through the biosynthesis of all the vitamins, as well as chemical properties of the minerals, I will then go into digestion, absorption, and metabolism, following the various molecules and metabolites throughout the body.

Listed here in reverse order (newest to oldest)

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The plan is to make videos covering topics in the following order:

1) Macromolecules

2) Vitamin biosynthesis

3) Chemical properties of minerals

4) The mouth (tooth enamel, taste receptors, salivary amylase, etc.)

5) Swallowing and the stomach (muscles and sphincters, digestive enzymes, stomach acid, etc.)

6) Diegestion (small and large intestines, enzymes, absorption, the liver and gall bladder, etc.)

7) Nutrient transport in the blood, the respiratory system (e.g. O2 and CO2 transport), blood pH, clotting, and endocrinology

8) Nutrient metabolism in the cells and mitochondria (glycolysis and gluconeogenesis, TCA cycle, oxidative phosphorylation, ketogenesis, beta oxidation, amino acid metabolism, nucleotide synthesis, etc.)