Deadliest War in History

From my novel Incarnate: Schism.

The civil war in China has been raging for two decades. Started after an incident in Incarnate: Essence where deepfakes were used to quickly erode the Chinese Communist Party’s legitimacy, leading to many of the oppressed minorities declaring independence and sparking rivalries over the future of Chinese communism.

Chinese Civil War Map

Approximate regions primarily under the control of the major factions in the Chinese Civil War.

As with any war of this magnitude, it has not remained within the old Chinese borders. Revolutions in Kazakhstan and Mongolia – with support from Russia’s leader Vasko Federov – have drawn the attention of the warring parties in China. Refugees flee en masse north into Russia while the Shift trade flows into war-torn China, facilitated by the Russian gangs running the country east of the Urals – ostensibly loyal to Federov, but mostly autonomous.