Who Are the Anonymous Knights?

In the Incarnate Series, the Anonymous Knights are a group of hackers who believe that God exists on the internet. Nobody outside the Anonymous Knights know what their primary goals are – or even who is behind it – but for some reason it seems to be connected with the drug Shift.

The Anonymous Knights believe that just as God was incarnated as flesh in the form of Jesus Christ, they believe that God is now incarnated as data on the internet. As a result, the Anonymous Knights believe that the wireless mesh networks people like the Forty-Eights utilize to bypass the internet are an affront to their God, and so they seek to destroy all wireless mesh networks. To do this, they utilize Shirou’s virus.

What is Shirou’s virus?

In book 1, Shirou is a brilliant hacker who sometimes works with Akira and Masaru. Shirou is entangled with the Yakuza and large corporations, knowing too much about their methods and operations. To protect himself, Shirou created a virus that will be released within a few days unless Shirou is able to solve a new puzzle that restarts the timer. This makes it so that nobody will want to kill or harm Shirou, lest his virus get out and shut everything down inside Japan.

Spoiler alert! Shirou ends up being killed in book 1, which unleashes his virus, which temporarily paralyzes all of Japan. The virus now resides dormant in anything that has ever connected to the internet. The Anonymous Knights use this to shut down any mesh networks that have the virus on it. The Anonymous Knights now believe Shirou was a prophet from their God.