The New Dis-United States

After Sachi released what some have come to call the Mexico Memos, taken from the drug cartels, many secrets of the already declining U.S. government were exposed. This caused a lack of legitimacy for the federal government. Regional leaders pushed for a devolution act, which devolved power to regional governors, who now control ideologically driven regimes.

US Map

The People’s Republic of America, or PRA, runs the northeastern part of the old United States. They’re under a left-wing social justice ideology that has inevitably become authoritarian and repressive, run by Darrel Gibson, the successor to Marianne Worth, who founded the PRA before being assassinated.

The Christian States of America, or CSA, runs the southeastern part of the old United States. They’re under a right-wing Christian theocratic ideology that has become a dictatorship run by Gabriel Mitchell.

The Liberation of Colorado, or LoC, had its own referendum to secede from the United States and abolish its government. It is now an anarcho-capitalist society.

The Republic of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, usually just called The Republic, has a minarchist government.

Benecorp, an enromous, multinational corporation ran by Calvin Lind, runs a corporatocracy in the southwest. This is much like an old company town, where everything is owned by Benecorp and everyone works for Benecorp while simultaneously being indebted to Benecorp.

The west coast is under a classically socialist regime, although it is largely depopulated due to climate change caused droughts and sea-level rise.

The Mormon Republic of Utah is a Mormon theocracy and friend of the CSA.

Michigan is ostensibly part of the PRA, but is largely run by the Shift cartel.

Florida is ostensibly part of the CSA, but climage change caused sea-level rise and a constant barrage of hurricanes has left it largely depopulated.