Who am I and why should you bother reading this?


I am Thomas Harper, scientist and aspiring author and Youtube science educator. This blog is where I post thoughts and ideas on various subjects of interest me. It is also a way to promote my books, as well as books by other authors when, in my infinite wisdom, I deem them acceptable. Feel free to disagree with me on anything I write, but try to keep it civil.

As far as philosophy and politics, I am an autodidact. For science, at least as far as chemistry and biochemistry, I have an actual degree (Masters), research experience, and articles published.

As a scientist, my undergraduate research at Grand Valley State University was on beta-lactamase enzymes, which are the enzymes that antibacterial resistant pathogens use to breakdown beta-lactam (penicillin-like) antibiotics. I used steady state kinetics assays and x-ray crystallography to study a new strain of beta-lactamase dubbed OXA-239. My graduate research was using cryo-electron microscopy to study the structure of the CDK8 module of the Mediator complex, which is involved in cell signaling and mRNA transcription. You can view my research publications here.

Politically I am closest to classical liberalism, though I am nihilistic and pessimistic about all political and economic systems. Thus, true to the “cynical” part of Cynical Philosopher I am critical of everything: capitalism, communism, socialism, fascism, democracy, oligarchy, authoritarianism, and anything else humans have attempted. For more on this, see my posts “Why I Voted Third Party” and “Why I Am No Longer a Libertarian.”

As an author (and when I get around to reading fiction) I tend towards science fiction and fantasy, usually with a darker bent. I am not a fast (or even particularly focused) writer, but what I have currently planned is my five-part Incarnate series (Book 3 of my Incarnate series, “Incarnate: Schism” is out now). I have a couple of standalone novels that take place in the same universe as the Incarnate series (one is still in the planning stages, the other I have a few chapters written). I have completed a standalone novel, which is about the last remnants of humans on a spaceship nearing the end of a 30,000 year long journey, with which I am querying literary agents and independent publishers (several have turned it down so far). I have another standalone about alien contact that is all planned out and has a few chapters written (I’m thinking of using it to query agents since I am not having luck with my spaceship novel). I have a fantasy series I am working on (first draft of book one is 3/4 complete; it will most likely be a trilogy) that takes place in a World War 1 like setting. You can see the synopses of my Incarnate series here.

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