African Vengeance: The Immortal Legion

The immortal legion, still nothing but an upstart rebel group secretly armed by the forty-eights when Incarnate: Essence ended, is now, two decades later, a major force to be reckoned with. Now controlling most of Africa, with the few remaining countries unable to put up much resistance, this pan-African army may have their sights set on new conquests outside of Africa.

After centuries of colonialism and post-colonialism, the people of Africa are being united under the pan-African banner of the Immortal Legion. With the other world powers either waning or distracted by other geopolitical issues – such as the devastating civil war raging in China, or Russia’s eastern European ambitions, or the guerilla terrorist war in the disunited states – the Immortal Legion has conquered Africa unopposed. Those who did not willingly accept the Immortal Legion’s rule were quickly subdued by the IL’s superior weaponry and fanatical supporters.

Now, with their genetically modified super-soldiers finally coming of age, the African people under the IL tutelage may have in mind a conquest of brutal vengeance and severe retribution against those peoples who crippled the continent with centuries of slavery and colonialism. Can anything withstand the Immortal Legion hordes?