Automation can Help Fulfill Diversity Needs in Business and Middle America

Automation of low-skill jobs could spell disaster in our future. Right now, the U.S. and western culture in general is faced with a growing racial divide. What if I told you that one problem could be used to fix the other?

Automation appears to be an inevitability in our future, which could potentially put millions out of jobs. Democratic primary candidate Andrew Yang is running on a platform of preventing this disaster by giving everyone a Universal Basic Income. Unfortunately, a solution along those lines is likely as inevitable as the automation of jobs.

But there is a silver lining. If racism in business hiring practices and middle America is a result of not enough diversity, why not make all of the automated systems black? I suggest using the 2pac hologram.


Imagine going to the supermarket in small town Oklahoma, getting your goods, and then going to the self checkout only to be greeted by a hologram of 2pac Shakur! Since diversity doesn’t care who the people of color being hired are, as long as they’re not white, then using a 2pac hologram for every robot used in the workforce will suffice to fulfill diversity needs.

In order to have 2pac show up in checkout lines, board meetings, call centers, and the driver’s seat of big rigs, we would need a lot of 2pac video. The technique uses an angled piece of glass to reflect a projector image onto an ‘invisible’ screen, generating the image for the audience. This angled glass and invisible screen would need to be placed in all of 2pac’s job locations. The projected images could be deep fakes of 2pac doing things like driving a semi truck across the country or listening intently to a CEO talk about stock prices.

By putting 2pac in all of these jobs, businesses could easily fulfill diversity needs. People who live in all or mostly white towns would now be interacting with 2pac on a daily basis. Boom, racist hiring practices and hillbillies are a thing of the past…just like all our jobs. I, for one, welcome our hologram 2pac overlord.