Some Things That Need to be Said

It has often been said that people say a lot while saying very little. That goes to show that if we just keep doing the same things, then nothing will change. It could also be said that if we change the way we do things, then we can change the way things are. Here I will say some things that can be said about everything and probably say everything that can be said about some other things.

It’s not always what you say that matters, because sometimes all that matters is what you say. When it comes to how people treat one another, it is almost always exactly as one would expect. For example, when I act a certain way towards someone, their reaction almost always has to do with the way I just acted towards them. Every effect has a cause, just as every cause has an effect. And yet, not every reason has an action, even if every action has a reason.

Think of it this way: being that you are not thinking of it some other way, you are definitely thinking of it this way. How could you think of it some other way without not thinking of it this way? The way you think does not necessitate the reason you think, but the reason you think always necessitates the way you think, so if you think of it this way, then there is no question about the way you are thinking about it.

However, all of what can be said can be thought in some way, but not every thought can be said in some way.

That being said, I stand by my words, because not all freedom comes from speech, but all speech comes from freedom. When I say exactly what I mean, I mean exactly what I say. It’s as if the words that I speak mean the things that I mean for them to portray in a way that when you hear it, you can apprehend what I meant to say. In that way, speech is a way of conveying information from one person to another. More of that needs to happen if people are to understand one another, because more understanding will necessarily mean more dialogue.

Is this getting through to you?