Depression and Lethargy

I suffer from a menagerie of psychological issues. Depression tends to be the principle culprit, but as I’ve mentioned before, I am a recovering alcoholic and I also have Schizoid Personality Disorder.

For me, depression tends to manifest as extreme lethargy. I’m unable to focus on anything or work up the motivation to do much more than just lay around, doing the bare minimum to keep myself alive. I’ve been in a depressed episode lately, which is why I haven’t posted as much. It’s also made it difficult to do any reading or to work on book 3 of my Incarnate series (though I do have more than half a manuscript finished for that, mostly from work I did on it back at the beginning of this year).

I’ve started to feel slightly better the past couple days, but the lethargy and feelings of hopelessness linger. I’m hoping that I’m moving up out of the slump, though, and can hopefully start focusing on more productive things.

To anyone else out there who struggles with mental health and addiction issues, I hope things are going better for you right now than they are for me.