Metal Albums Review for 2017

I am going to do reviews of my favorite metal albums from the past few years. I am a recent convert to metal music, so I am starting with 2017. This first list is coming out in October. In November I will do my 2018 top ten and then in December I will do my 2019 top ten. You can already see my lists here, but in these posts I will go into more detail about why I have chosen these albums.

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Website Additions

For anyone who may not have noticed, I added some new content to this blog. Under the “About” tab I added “My Playlists” which takes you to links to my Google Play Music playlists. It’s mostly metal and hip-hop. Feel free to check it out.

I also added a “My Biology” section that talks about my ancestry and neural biochemistry based on my 23andme data.

This is all in addition to the “My Books” and “My Science” sections that were already there where you can check out my published novel(s) and research papers respectively.

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Image is a 2D Fourier Transform in the spatial frequency domain of a picture of me. If you do an inverse FT on it you can see what I look like!