Quantum Mechanics Made Easy

A series of videos explaining physics and math in simple, intuitive language. If you think you’re an idiot when it comes to learning these tough subjects, you might benefit by learning from a fellow idiot.

Topics covered are eigenvectors, eigenvalues, and their relationship to Hermitian operators
Topics covered are bases, components, inner product, and outer product using Dirac notation
Topics covered are Hermitian matrices and their properties, including the matrix transpose, complex conjugation of matrices, the determinant, and the trace or a matrix
A brief introduction to Paul Dirac’s Bra Ket notation
I talk about the nature of Hilbert space, which is essentially a complete, normed, inner product space. What does any of that mean? Watch the video to find out.
Topics discussed are the dual basis and their covariant and contravariant components
Rotation matrices and how each matrix element effects a vector
Vector operations, including matrix transformation, dot product (aka scalar product aka inner product), cross product (aka vector product), triple scalar product, and triple vector product
How coordinates transform in linear algebra
Introduction to the concept of vectors

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