Book 2 “Incarnate: Essence” Will be Out on April 18!

A Brand New Cover for “Incarnate: Existence” Coming Soon!

Free Highway

You can read book 1 in the Incarnate series “Incarnate: Existence” for FREE on

I’m also releasing chapters of a different novel on Chanillo that’s not in the Incarnate universe titled “Garden in the Abyss

“The 6,782 people aboard the Riåдuarökзh are all that’s left of humanity. It’s been nearly 30,000 years since the Riåдuarökзh’s Architects embarked on their mission to preserve humankind on a distant habitable planet known as Garden. Thousands of generations later, with genetic disease rampant amongst humanity’s last hope, those almost mythical Architects are known only by the scant information passed down about them through the vessel’s leadership. After the Riåдuarökзh failed to begin its deceleration upon its approach to Garden, the inhabitants face a crisis of their faith in the Architects. Those who rebel against the established orthodoxy are pitted against the faithful leadership, but both sides may soon discover that the truth is something neither could have anticipated. In Garden of the Abyss, humanity’s fate teeters on the brink of annihilation. Only with the truth about the Architect’s real purposes can humankind’s descendants become the author’s of their own destiny.”

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