My Hiatus

It’s been a while since I made a blog post, but there is good reason for that. Perhaps not good reason, but reason. Of course, the holidays keep a person busy, but it wasn’t only family functions that occupied my time. I made decent headway on the second installment of my Incarnate book series. I have 21 chapters of a rough draft for the second installment done, and as it’s looking right now, the second one might be quite long (I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes over a thousand pages). I’ve also started reading the Malazan Book of the Fallen epic fantasy series by Steven Erikson, which has been very good so far. At the same time, I’ve had to setup times to attend events at Purdue University and the University of Michigan where I’m being considered for graduate school in biochemistry. And then classes started up again on Monday, January 5, where I’m taking a full schedule and teaching a class. The cherry on top being that the heater fan in my car died just as temperatures plummeted to single digits, so I’ve had to mess with that all week, and it’s still not working. I can deal with the temperatures, but my breath condensing on the windshield and immediately turning to frost means I have to drive slippery roads while constantly scraping ice off the inside of my windshield (and knocking my review mirror off the windshield in the process). It’s like driving on hard mode.

Anyway, I wanted to assure anyone who actually reads my blog that I haven’t abandoned it. I’m hoping to do at least one post a week while classes are in session, probably sometime on the weekends, and try to maintain some semblance of regularity. But of course, there are other things that tend to take precedence. I’ll get back to more content-oriented posts and not make this a personal diary with my next post.

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