Latchkey Kid (Poem).

She was an Angel in the Happy Days then,

Chasing a Firefly with Friends in her imagination,

She had a Dollhouse,

But wished she had Brothers & Sisters.

There was no Law & Order

For the Young and the Restless.


Dad said he was at The Office,

Not much of a Family Guy.

He’d have Sex in the City,

Breaking Bad until Late Night.


She was a latchkey kid,

Alone in that Castle all summer.

Said “my American Dad used to Lie To Me

About How I Met Your Mother.”

She tried to maintain Glee,

Despite Arrested Development,

Knowing that out in the streets

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


She was tough to the Bones,

But couldn’t stay away from the Scrubs-

The Mad Men-

The Criminal Minds-

Never anyone True Blood.

While most in her place

Would be Lost in the Fringe

At the Mercy of Life Unexpected,

Quick to give in,

She was living in the Fastlane

In a new Community,

One of the Bold and the Beautiful,

But her face said Rescue Me.


The White Collar parties,

Average Two and a Half Men per summer,

Had Gossip Girls remarking

That she’ll be Six Feet Under,

After testing positive

With the Deadliest Catch.

She was only 24,

Too young to know regret.

She couldn’t find a Doctor Who

Would treat her with respect.

No home, no name,

Just a House and Alias.

Nothing left to do

But assess the Damages.

Refused to be The Biggest Loser

Or get taken advantage of.


So when the Friday Night Lights came on,

And no Heroes were around.

She was gone the next day,

Only a Death Note could be found.

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